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One of the most significant factors in the quality of wash results from commercial dishwashers and glass washers is the quality, quantity and type of detergents, cleaning agents and liquid used. For some people that are experiencing poor wash results, a change of chemicals can make all the difference but surprisingly, we often find a company’s choice of janitorial products is often overlooked. It’s also important to mention that quality of a detergent might not be the only thing that you need to look at. Depending on where you’re based the calcium carbonate (hardness) of your water supply can also make a significant difference. For example in Scotland we see that turning down the dosing of liquids can often have a positive effect. Likewise, turning up dosing of liquids in hard water areas in the south of the country can help. That’s why our local operating model with local engineers and advisors should mean you can buy your glass and dishwasher consumables with confidence from Aquamech.

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