Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files that are stored on the user’s computer. These help in order to create a functioning shopping basket and remember you when returning to our site. Some cookies listed below are essential to the use of our site to purchase products online. No personally identifiable information is stored within these cookies on your PC and sensitive information like credit card information is handled by SagePay a third-party payment gateway.

What information is being collected?

The following cookies are essential to the purchasing of goods through our website:

  • Cookie Name

    Cookie Description


    Indicates if a customer is allowed to use cookies.


    A flag that indicates if caching is disabled.


    The session key.


    If product links were sent to friends, stores the timestamps in the format: $timeStamp1, $timestamp2, ..., $timestampN.


    A poll ID that indicates if a vote has occurred.


    Session ID


    Allows guests to edit their orders.

Third Party Cookies

When using the website some third-party cookies are used that do not relate to our site. These are non-essential and can de disabled by opting out of cookies on our store however they help to improve the service and functionality of the store by for example providing an onsite Live chat for help with customer support. We do not control the settings of these cookies however please check with the third-party websites for more information regarding their cookies and how they use their data.


Google analytics uses information about your browser, language and location based on an anonymised IP address to help Buzz Supplies Ltd monitor website performance and customer experience and improve the experience on our website.

  • Cookie Name

    Cookie Description


    Distinguishes users and sessions.


    Determines new sessions/visits.


    Determines if the user was in a new session/visit.


    Stores the traffic source or campaign that explains how the user reached your site.

Service department

  • Return An Item or book a service engineer

Local Authorities

  • Specialist warewasher advice for schools, hospitals, care homes and day nurseries

Our own Detergents

  • Our own range of Detergents and other cleaning products with specialist pricing for account customers

Our Key Accounts

NHS, Radison, Days Inn, FIFA, Best Western, Greene King, JP Morgan, Laca, Buckingham Palace, Arsenal Football Club